Participation in the exhibition Spirite ii)

I created the series “Fibonacci” for the exhibition: it is organized by a mathematician-architect friend of mine ^^ For a few months we met practically every Monday and exchanged ideas about mathematics and art. We then met for a weekend in a city other than my home town of Berlin, namely Leipzig, where a member of the group lives and has a gallery, and decided to organize the exhibition there. But because of the pandemic, the exhibition is only opened by five people, but it also takes place virtually, which was an equal part from the beginning. I started with the first association with mathematics: Fibonacci. My photos show examples of the mathematical order in plant growth, which is very often based on Fibonacci numbers and visible as a golden section.

Please visit the website of our art collective for further infos, for a virtual walk through the virtual gallery and for taking part in the virtual vernissage at Saturday, 21st of November, starting at 4 pm. Enjoy! 

Participation in the Wedding Cultural Market

Dear friends and followers! (Deutsche Textversion)

I’m very happy that I’ve been chosen to participate, because there’s a waiting list.. On Sunday, September 1st, I’ll be selling my photo-prints here (map) at the open air design market with 70 stands, street food & music from 11 am to 6 pm. It’s the last market in the 2019 summer season!

Please see and share the Facebook event :)

The Weddingmarkt celebrates its seventh anniversary and shows a unique stand design – triangular market stands. Visitors can expect a relaxed Sunday with high-quality and creative exhibitors - not only from the lively district Wedding. Craftsmen, designers and artists show their work: Illustrations, paintings, ceramics, fashion, jewellery and much more. Everything „Made in Berlin“. 

Admission to the market is free. Have a look at their Instagram

As special guests the actors of the Prime Time Theatre perform, numerous couples dance Brazilian Forró and the Camera Minutera shoots nostalgic black and white portraits. Wedding gastronomes spoil the visitors with streetfood – from coffee, ice cream, burgers, vegan food to unusual Asian creations, everything for the demanding palate is there. More pictures and infos you’ll find on their website. See you there! ;)

Censorship in Europe

As Magdalena Moskalewicz, who works at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, writes on her Facebook-Page, censorship took place in Poland. She
is an art historian, curator and editor specializing in 20th and 21st century art from Central and Eastern Europe.

“The National Museum in Warsaw removes a classic of the 1970s Neo-avantgarde, Natalia LL’s “Consumer Art.” The new-ish Director, a no-name art historian with little experience appointed by the minister in November to huge disapproval of the art circles, decided that “There is no place for presenting gender-related topics in a National museum.” (Footnote: “ideology of gender” is a term used widely by Polish conservatives and the Catholic Church as the most recent weapon in culture wars, they love equating LGBTQ with pedophiles and dismiss WHO guidelines for sexual education at schools together with EU conventions against domestic violence.) The removal was allegedly ordered by the Ministry of Culture, after a letter of complaint sent to the museum by a worried mother, whose 10-year old son was traumatized at a school visit to the museum by the view of naked women’s bodies, and a few other “scandalizing” pieces of contemporary art. Honestly, the Director and Minister himself immediately reacting to a concerned mother’s single call — this would be hilariously funny if this wasn’t real. The letter itself sure sounds exactly like those letters written to Polish press by concerned comrades in the early 1950s against abstract art. It’s just back then no one believed they were actually authored by the steel factory workers or coal miners. First time as tragedy, second time as farce.”

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