Participation in the exhibition Spirite ii)

I created the series “Fibonacci” for the exhibition: it is organized by a mathematician-architect friend of mine ^^ For a few months we met practically every Monday and exchanged ideas about mathematics and art. We then met for a weekend in a city other than my home town of Berlin, namely Leipzig, where a member of the group lives and has a gallery, and decided to organize the exhibition there. But because of the pandemic, the exhibition is only opened by five people, but it also takes place virtually, which was an equal part from the beginning. I started with the first association with mathematics: Fibonacci. My photos show examples of the mathematical order in plant growth, which is very often based on Fibonacci numbers and visible as a golden section.

Please visit the website of our art collective for further infos, for a virtual walk through the virtual gallery and for taking part in the virtual vernissage at Saturday, 21st of November, starting at 4 pm. Enjoy! 

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